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Dear Customer's we have for you:

Travel Distances:

Telephone Nr.

Germany     01149
Austria     01143
Swiss       01141
Luxenburg   011352

Sun Hours : 5-15   Wasser : 22-31 Degrees

AUA Flight:
From Vienna to Atlanta
Atlanta to Orlando       And Roundtrip
For Group's of 6 - people, pick up from Atlanta to Orlando  
is not possible.

Of course we try to make your ride as comfortable as possible

Prize 1 Adult $ 70
      1 Child $ -6 Free
      1 Child 6-15 $ 50
Roundtrip Adult $ 120

Day trip to Banana River Between land and island 
with stops to drink and eat and entertainment
Of course there will also be swimming time
6-8 people possible from 10-5 O'clock

Prize Adult $ 80
child -6 free
child 7-15 $ 50

Register now 3 Rides a Week.

New: People with disadvatages will be cared for even more

Sun Austria2000 Offers help.
Airport pickup  FREE
Tours um Orlando FREE
Disabled people also deserve a Vacation.


When does the next Moon flight take place????????

We have what Business people or Families are looking for

A House with 3 Rooms 1 Buero, with 1 pool.
With computer and internet, telephone, fax, printer, and your Family.
Reservation made 6 month's before. Start prize $ 300 by by reservation
from 2 week's.
plus place to stay list.


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